ATM Dalaman Airport Passanger Services

ATM Dalaman Airport Passanger Services


"Flight Information Monitors", which include detailed information about the flights to/from the terminal, are placed on many spots of ATM Dalaman International Terminal . There is one info counter both in terminal arrival and departure halls aiming to inform the passengers and visitors, reply their questions and produce solutions to their problems. The announcements in the terminal are declared in four languages considering the different nationalities of the passengers. Moreover, there are Terminal Officers in ATM Dalaman International Terminal functioning for to direct the passengers at the gate and in the sections before the arrival passport check points and for to assist the passengers about the possible problems that may arise.

First Aid

Yucelen Clinic, a subsidiary of Yucelen Hospital, renders 24 hours general and emergency health services in the terminal. Doctors, nurses and other supporting units continuously function in the first aid center in the terminal and a fully equipped ambulance waits in the terminal 24 hours in case it is needed to transfer the patients under best conditions to the closest health center. For any emergency case, all the measures for to transfer the first aid teams to the scene in the possible shortest time and render medical assistance have been taken.


The security systems, which are established by considering the national and international standards, regulations and recommendations, fully assure the security of the passengers and airplanes that use Dalaman Airport ATM International Terminal . Under this coverage; X-Ray and Metal Detectors placed at the entrances and departure gates of the terminal, automatic Explosive Detection System (EDS) functioning as integrated to Baggage Handling System, CCTV System enabling to monitor every inch of the terminal and BRS System making passenger baggage matching, all designed using the latest state of art technologies on globe. These established systems are under the control and operation of police and special security teams subject to continuous freshening trainings.


The baggage wagons of international standards are placed in front of the passenger entrance gate, baggage receiving halls and parking lot of ATM Dalaman International Terminal.

Disabled Passenger Services

Disabled Passengers who arrive to Dalaman International Airport must contact with the Airline Company for wheelchair service. Ground Handling Firm carry out wheelchair service on behalf of the airline company. The person who concerned from Ground Handling Firm accompany you from Check –in procedures to the Aircraft, after landing the plane to baggage sortation area. Toilets : There are specific toilets for the disables passengers at every spot in the terminal. Lifts : There are lifts in every requiring spot of the terminal for to provide the comfort of the disabled passengers.

Baby Care Rooms

The baby care rooms placed on various points of the terminal are organized for to enable the parents for easily meeting any need of their babies.

Places of Worship

Our places of worship, as separate for ladies and gentlemen with wide and comfortable using areas including ritual ablution, are present in the arriving passengers level and are at the service of our passengers at any time of day.

Lost Property Office

All the forgotten or lost baggage and goods of all the terminal passengers and visitors shall be moved under records once they are found; protected and delivered upon request. Lost Property Office is open for 24 hours.

ATM International Terminal Lost Property Office: +90 252 792 55 55; Extension: 1212 (On Duty Office)

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